Improved Health Funnel would probably help a ton too but I don’t have it. Once you have him lightly killed and ransacked, get out of there – he respawns quickly. Commentaire de siggboy This is how you can solo it on a hunter: I died one time trying to defeat him with mirror image. If you have a flying mount you save yourself a lot of time. Hopping down and flayed until he was out of range. Worked, but only just.

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Once you have him lightly killed and ransacked, get out of there – he mqp quickly. Used mirror image again for my second attempt and finally slayed him before my health ran out. Hopefully you killed him and got his key! Did use Lichborne at the start though to get some dodge Then, when my shield broke, I jumped down with slow fall, Ice lancing him in the air.

Commentaire de Isaih Easily soloed as a level 66 Protadin. I activated Bloodrage one more time and kept pounding away. Commentaire de Skyfury Soloed with lvl 70 feral druid, bear form all the way. Hopefully you killed him and got his key!

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Yes I have 2 accounts. Work with your Weakened Soul mxp. Hopping down and flayed until he was out of range. Commentaire de PinkSamurai I died in the cave during a spike in latency and found it difficult to find my way bloidstrike from the grave, so I thought I’ll post the coordinates in case someone else gets lost too: Commentaire de smtroll75 Slapped him upside the head twice with my lvl 65 Prot Paly.


Telecharger gratuit carte cs bloodstrike 1 way

I can solo it as a paladin by outlasting him. Commentaire de Lilly Easy to slay Commentaire de Lboodstrike Bm hunter lvl 65 can solo it. Commentaire de unitepunx This is the NPC http: I had to use Lifeblood, the Cooldowns mentioned, and a Super healing potion. Commentaire de lorrel Simply put: I imagine that a true tanking pet with the right talents could last even longer.

Telecharger gratuit carte cs bloodstrike 1 way

I just had mend pet on so that the pet could last as long as possible, and popped all damage cooldowns Bloodstrikee had. Commentaire de ivegonediving As of patch 4.

Here’s what I did. The way up Warmaul hill is at 29, Soloed as a 66 BM Hunter.

Commentaire de nitrous74 i would strongly suggest grouping on this quest. Commentaires Commentaire de lumian Bloodsttrike going through the northern cave. Apparently he doesnt like it from behind.

Cho’war le Pilleur

I didn’t take ANY damage. Now why couldn’t Corki phase through the box? You’re on the lower level when you enter the cave; fight bolodstrike way to the back and then a path will lead bloofstrike the entrance to the upper level. If I had read the discussions here and knew he was soloable I would have surely tried, but since I didn’t, for a while I was thinking about hearthing – although the reward ring was an upgrade over the Mason’s Fraternity Ring I was still using from the ZF days, it’s really not that great for a hunter anyway.


Go Bear and pop Frienzied Regeneration when you’re getting low on hp. However, he does not give rep with the Kurenai for killing him. I did this as a druid.

Cho’war le Pilleur – Quête – World of Warcraft

Votre commentaire doit mmap en français ou il sera supprimé. Go into the north cave of Warmaul Hill at Dispersion right there blodostrike start heading back to where he spawns.

This guy is not soloable at least for me. I then immediately attacked the next mob, using SnD late again, on 5CP, then rushed to Cho’war stealthed and used garrote.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way